Before sending your artwork, have you...
  • Checked that the paper size is correct?
  • Made sure your images are around 300dpi?
  • Included 3mm bleed and crop marks?
  • Embedded all fonts?
  • Saved your artwork as a high-res PDF?
  • Carefully proof read your document?

Paper sizes

When setting up your artwork file, make sure you use dimensions that match your chosen pad size. Most office software tends to use default page sizes like US letter or 4:3/16:9 screen. These are not usable as they are an incorrect ratio to A5 or A4.

148 x 210mm

210 x 297mm

Please allow for 3mm bleed on each edge wherever any content runs right to the edge of the paper.

High-res images

Images used in printed literature need to be of a much higher resolution than images used for online applications. Poor quality images can really let down an otherwise well-designed piece so it’s best to aim for the golden number, 300dpi (dots per inch). This will ensure that your images are pin-sharp when printed.

Bleed & crop marks

If you require colour or images to print right to the edge we will need you to provide 3mm of additional artwork (known as bleed) to all sides. We’ll also require crop marks to show where the edge of your artwork is. Crop marks simply show us where to trim - they appear in the bleed area of your artwork and won’t show on the finished job.